June Empties 2012: Hair Care

Friday, June 29, 2012
I watch 'monthly empties' videos on youtube and I thought that I would write a blog post about the products that I have finished in the month of June. I have not used up a whole bottle/container of product in just one month, the bottle were usually half full but I have finished the bottle this month. Although with the candles, room fragrance, shampoos and conditioner I did use them up in just one month. Firstly, hair care...

I received this shampoo in a glamour magazine a couple of months ago and it is only the 100ml bottle but it is a great sample size. Firstly, the packaging is great. Secondly, the shampoo smells really nice and fresh. Thirdly, this shampoo is one of the most moisturising shampoos I have ever used! This shampoo is fantastic apart from two things: I have gone thought this one bottle in just over one week! Also the full price is really quite expensive, in my opinion. Recommended.

I purchased this shampoo in a recent Yves Rocher haul and I have only tried one Yves Rocher shampoo before this one - the radiance one and it was amazing! This one is not as amazing but it is still great. Firstly, I like the packaging and I do like the scent of this product but some people will not - it smells really fresh, like grass and leaves...This shampoo does feel quite clarifying and it leaves my hair really clean but moisturised. Recommended.

Mark Hill heat Protection Re-Hydrating Shine Conditioner (£1.52, 250ml)

I purchased this conditioner in the 'when its gone, its gone' section of the boots uk website and it is not available anymore - but I think you will be able to find this product on eBay. This conditioner was a bargin and the price was the only reason I bought it. Although this product turned out to be quite good and it does condition my hair well. Although it smells like plastic and new cars...I also have to use a lot of conditioner for it is work really, really well. Recommended.

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