June Empties 2012: Bath and Body Products

Saturday, June 30, 2012
This is the thrid blog post of my June empties series, the previous two blog posts are linked here: Hair Care and Skin Care. This post will just feature the bath and body produdcts that I have finished during the month of June.

I recieved this shower gel in a YSL parisienne fragrance gift set at christmas and I just adore the fragrance as it smells so sweet and floral. This shower gel is the same fragrance although it does smell slightly different - a bit more musky and soapy smelling. The shower gel overall was nice to use and it lathered up well although I don't like a body wash with such a strong scent and it is a bit unusual using a body wash that has the same scent as your perfume as to me anyway it feels like I am pouring perfume on my skin which does not feel very good for my skin. Not recommended.

This shower gel was purchased when it was on sale, and it is still on sale at £2 now. The scent of this shower gel is just gorgeous! It does smell like peaches although it does smell a bit artifical. The scent is divine, the shower gel lathers up really well so you only need a small amount and it is a great price when on offer! Highly recommended.

I have the small 50ml tube of this product as it was part of a gift set which can still be purchased - click here for more information on the gift set. This body butter does smell quite unusual but it does smell gorgeous and this body butter is one of the best body butters I have ever used. This body butter makes my skin feel incredibly smooth, soft and it does not irritate my skin. It makes my skin feel velvety smooth but it does not make my skin feel heavy or greasy. This product also absorbs really quickly and it works amazingly as a body butter or hand cream. Very highly recommended.

As with the YSL shower gel I also received this product in a gift set and it has the same problem as the YSL shower gel in that it does not feel right to wash with a product that smells like your perfume. Although it does smell nice, like the perfume, but more musky and soapy. The shower gel lather well and it is quite nice to use. Not recommended.

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